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06 January 2009

Roland Burris Denied Entry

Attorney General Roland Burris was denied entry to the Senate Chambers Tuesday. The Secretary of the Senate told Burris his credentials were not in order.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has not signed the certificate of appointment for Burris because he believes, as other Democrats do, that the appointment is tainted by the scandal surrounding Governer Blagojevich.

Burris has stated that the Blagojevich's problems have nothing to do with him and that the appointment is legal.

Burris' attorney, Timothy W. Wright III, has said that the rejection of Burris' credentials is unlawful.

Burris has said he is not seeking a confrontation, but Wright has said they are ready to take this unlawful action "to the highest court in the land."

Even Republican leaders are urging Democratic leadership to seat Burris because it is not a battle they need or one that the incoming President needs.

Some believe that because of who appointed Burris, he may have difficulty getting re-elected in 2010.

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