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08 December 2008

Stock Market Profits - How to Make Money

We are experiencing the most turbulant stock market in recent history. One day the market is wildly higher and the next it is just as wildly lower. If you are a day trader this type of volatilty is a great way to make money. Of course, you need to be quick on your feet. Buy! Sell! Sometimes trades lasting minutes or less.

Day trading is very difficult and not many are successful at it. Most people don't have the temperment it takes to successfully trade this way. Usually when most people have losses they want to wait until the market recovers, then they'll get out and hopefully breakeven. But successful day traders know that sometimes you will take a loss and you have to take it and move on to the next trade.

There are a lot of brokers who are willing to give their advice on what stocks to buy, but you have to wonder if they have another making commissions or if they really have superior information that can lead to stock profits. Could be a little of both really, but wouldn't it be nice to increase your confidence in a stock pick?

A pair of computer programming "geeks" while contracted to Goldman Sachs have now developed a Stock Trading Robot they've coined "Marl" (a combination of both their first names) that they've documented picking stocks with a high percentage and low risk of doubling your money.

"Marl" works by analyzing each stock using technical analysis, which is a fancy way of saying it analyzes a stocks past price movements to attempt to determine a stocks future price movements.

Marl can easily monitor hundreds of stocks at the same time, while most individuals can only monitor a few stocks at once.

Marl can process 1,986,832 mathematical calculations per second and; Marl looks at volume traded, Support and Resistance levels, Trend reversal patterns, Consolidation patterns and Channels a stock trades in.

They claim their program averages a 105.28% trading profit which comes unsually within 3 hours of the market opening. They don't claim, however, to make money on every trade. They have, in fact, documented and displayed some losing trades. These trades are generally small compared to the winning trades.

Their software program is so expensive that the average person can't afford it up front. I suppose after some successful trades you could take another look at the cost of it. But they do have an alternative. They offer a weekly newsletter and updates that can provide some very profitable trades.

In these turbulant times information is very important. Having a successful advisor in your corner can be the difference between making money in the stock market and losing your retirement account.

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