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30 December 2008

Israel Retaliates Against Hamas

Is Israel's retaliation justified? Is it excessive use of force? Should Israel invade the Gaza Strip and overthrow Hamas?

Would the United States (or any other country for that matter) sit idly by as a neighboring country lobbed rockets over the border, killing civilians and destroying buildings?

Hamas is nothing more than a terrorist organization determined to exterminate Israel, aligning themselves with the ideology of Iran.

As Israel continues its fourth day of attacks, the death toll reaches 375 and the Prime Minister warned that the air offensive is only the beginning.

Israel is in the first stage of their operation with a ground attack looming. Israel says its offensive is only against Hamas militants, but Palestinian parliament member Mastafa Barghouti has called the raids a "war on the Palestinian people" and said the incursion is politically motivated.

Like most terrorists, Hamas militants are firing rockets and killing civilians then, in a show of courage, hiding behind their own civilians .

This is an area of the world where there can, unfortunately, never be peace. It is a terrorist breeding ground that the United States recently made worse with the destabilization of Iraq. The fight's against terrorism and terrorists, but since kids in the region are raised to hate and to fight, the war will be difficult to win.

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