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31 December 2008

Financial Forecast for 2009

Do you wonder how your investments will perform in 2009? Here are some highlights from Jon Markman's newsletter.

No. 1: Infrastructure spending plans will bog down in Congress.

No. 2: The unemployment rate will approach 10%.

No. 3: Weak second-quarter earnings will dash hopes.

No. 4: Synchronized swoon will become an Olympic event.

No. 5: Markets will reach lower lows.

No. 6: Chinese growth will slow to the 0%-to-4% range -- or worse.

No. 7: Russian, Persian Gulf and Japanese investors won't bail out the U.S.

No. 8: Treasurys will trump corporate debt.

No. 9: Market timing will beat buy-and-hold.

No. 10: Investors will seek low-risk growth.

No. 11: Russia will seek its own bailout.

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