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02 December 2008

Experts Warn of Terrorist Attack By 2013

Somewhere in the world, experts warn, there will be a terrorist attack with a weapon of mass destruction.

It is more likely that a biological weapon will be used than a nuclear weapon because it is easier to obtain and easier to use. There are a lot of scientists in the world that can develop biological weapons.

But that is not to say that a nuclear event is off the table. There is still a risk of a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of terrorists. They are actively trying to acquire a nuclear weapon and with many countries seeking to develop nuclear power and others expanding arsenals, the risks of a nuclear device falling into the wrong hands increases.

We're talking about the worst possible weapons falling into the hands of the worst people in the world. The consequences would be catastrophic in terms of the number of people dead.

In 1918 a flu virus killed 40 million people. Experts warn that a biological weapon used by terrorists would multiple that number by a minimum of 10.

The report interviewed over 250 experts worldwide and warned that securing these weapons would not be cheap and would require sacrifice, but it was absolutely necessary.

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