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13 November 2008

Stock Market Rebounds!!!

In a 900 point swing the Dow traded below 8,000 after being positive on the open, then began a rally that took the Dow to a 552.51 point gain to finish at 8,835.17. Remarkable! Some analysts believe this reversal means the market has put in its least for a few weeks.

Volume was about 5oo million shares above average. In terms of dollars, the Dow's swing amounted to a gain of over 600 million dollars after losing more than 300 million.

It's still wise to be careful investing at these levels, but now may be the time to test the waters.

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  1. Good stuff - you should advertise on my blog through Entrecard! I don't know what to make of the world stock market rollercoasters lately. For some reason the economy isn't really bounding back steadily. At least it hasn't become dramatically worse. Let's hope the G20 meeting doesn't tinker too much.

  2. I think the stock market is in a major bear market and we'll continue to see volatility and wild price swings. Mainly extended down trends followed by a wild move higher that makes everyone think the bear market is over. The past 8 years we've built some extreme excesses in the marketplace and it's going to take a lot more than the government can give it. Actually, the government intervention just delays the absorbtion of the excesses, which are what recessions do. If recent past is any indication of the future, the G20 will probably do more than they should.