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27 November 2008

Mumbai Terrorist Attack Rocks Financial Center

At least 10 hostages were reported freed at the recent siege by terrorists in the Indian city of Mumbai. Still, at least 20 hostages remain captive or trapped.

The Indian Prime Minister is saying that the terrorist group is from an outside country and the goal is to disrupt the financial center of the country. The group has killed 125 people so far. Explosions and gun fire can be heard even 24 hours after the siege began. Another 327 people have been wounded.

There are many Westerners held captive and it is believed that the attack was designed to target foreigners from the West.

Authorities found 17 pounds of RDX, one of the most powerful kinds of explosives, indicating that more violence may have been planned. It also indicates that this group may be well funded by a foreign government.

Gunman are firing guns indiscriminately, killing citizens in their homes and kids who venture outside.

Police say the attackers came by boat and found a fishing trawler loaded with high tech satellite gear and GPS equipment.

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