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19 November 2008

Begich Beats Stevens

Stevens conceded the race for Senator of Alaska to the democratic mayor of Anchorage Wednesday.

Stevens was very gracious in his concession speech and wished Mark Begich well. Begich was ahead of Stevens by 3,724 votes with only 2,500 ballots to count. A recount could take place if the difference is less than .5% and Stevens would have the right to a recount regardless of the percentage difference if he paid for it himself.

Governor Palin congratulated Begich and said she looks forward to working with Mark on issues important to the State.

Stevens, 85, who was convicted for taking gifts from the oil companies and then lying about it on his financial disclosure forms said two days before the election that he hadn't been convicted of anything.

The full results will be certified the week of December 1.

The victory gives democrats 58 seats in the Senate with races in Minnesota and Georgia still to be resolved. If the democrats obtain 60 seats they would have a fillibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

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