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28 November 2008

2008 is the Year of Bailouts

Never before in history has the government bailed out the financial industry as they have in 2008. Major American corporations are failing at an alarming rate. The government let some go into bankruptcy, others they funneled an unprecedented amount of money to keep them afloat.

Government funding of bailouts is totaling in the trillions of dollars. It's hard to even imagine how much money that is and it may never be repaid. If it is, it will likely take decades.

Saving Wall Street, saving Main Street, saving Corporate America, click here to read about the total dollar amount involved, it's staggering.

Even with the sky high dollar totals already pledged, the government is presenting new programs to save the economy, totaling billions more. How will this end? Will it end anytime soon? With a new President coming soon, will it be enough to save America? Obama has got his work cut out for him. We wish him luck, he's gonna need it.

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